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  • nodesRecord<NodeId, Node>
    A map of all the Nodes in the editor
  • eventsObject
    • selectedSet<NodeId>
    • hoveredSet<NodeId>
    • draggedSet<NodeId>
  • optionsObject
    • resolverMap<String, React.ComponentType>
      A map of User Components that will be used in the editor
    • enabled?boolean
      Optional. If set to false, all editing capabilities will be disabled
    • indicatorObject
      • successString
        Color to use when the user hovers over a droppable location
      • errorString
        Color to use when the usre hovers over a non-droppable location
      • transitionstring
        CSS transition to use for when the Indicator moves around
      • thicknessnumber
        Thickness of the Indicator
    • onRender?React.ComponentType<{element: React.ReactElement}>
      Optional. Specify a custom component to render every User Element in the editor.
    • onNodesChange?() => void
      Optional. A callback method when the values of any of the nodes in the state changes

Note: options can be specified as props in the <Editor />